• If you aren't getting the sales results you want or need - please talk to us.
  • Does your current representation have too many lines, have they accepted current market conditions, are they collecting a commission check and not pro-actively communicating with your organization, do they look at lowering your prices as "THE" answer?


4950 SALES serves the unique markets of Alaska and Hawaii.

Alaska and Hawaii both have logistical challenges that add another important layer to successfully executing transactions.

Alaska and Hawaii's positioning, outside the contiguous United States, has created distinct local business cultures - as residents we understand those cultures and can leverage our relationships in the industries we serve - successfully.

These are "relationship based" states - any sales effort will be more successful based on in-state residents calling on existing and potential customers versus sales people from the Lower 48 coming up during "fishing season" (cause that's what many of them do!).


Our focus is on the commercial, industrial, plumbing / mechanical and construction sectors.

  • Plumbing / Mechanical
  • Building Materials
  • Commercial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • WaterWorks

The existing relationships forged in these sectors, whether direct to the end-user or through wholesale distribution, positions 4950 SALES for success.


Communication is our focus every day - with principals/vendors, end-users, distributors, and each other.


We take a methodical, structured approach to selling.

  • Market Share %
  • Goals, Strategies, and Tactics
  • Sales Plan - telemarketing, sales calls, promotions, collaborative approach
  • Overcoming Objections - Closing
  • Margin Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Reporting Results

Thank you for taking the time to understand the Value Proposition that is 4950 SALES.